Current Projects

Current Projects

Agenda of activities of the LNCCE /CCNLE for the year 2014



  • Patients Rights in End of Life Care- completing the previous Decree on Patients Rights and Informed Consent in 2004


  • Medically Assisted Pregnancy- Review and updates on previous recommendations


  • Biobanking – follow up on the situation in Lebanon


  • Ethics education in Lebanon:


  • Reporting about the current situation of education in Lebanon
  • Proposing a curriculum for undergraduate education in schools and universities
  • Organizing a national symposium for promoting its application in schools and universities.
  • Organizing an Academic Activity: organize the Ethics Teacher Training Course (ETTC) in collaboration with UNESCO during May 2014 (date, place, and details to follow)


  • Social and Scientific event:
    • Launching of the Book of publications of late Dr. Fouad Boustany

Including a Prize for the best publication on Ethics and Bioethics during the first trimester 2014


  • Follow up on requests by the Council of Ministers or Parliament or other official organization concerning an ethical or bioethical issue: study and recommendations.


  • Participation in or sponsoring of local activities related to ethics and bioethics (LOP, Universities, CNRS, MOPH, institute, Public and Social organizations…)


  • Participation and collaboration with international organizations and activities;
    1. Participation in the 10th Global Summit for NECs in Mexico in June 2014 (WHO)
    2. Participation in the Annual meeting of the UNESCO Ethics committee, and the IAB.
    3. Getting a special fund from the government to delegate representatives from the LNCCE/CCNLE to regional and international meetings